Graduate/Field profile

The study programme focuses on acquiring knowledge, skills and competences which predestine the graduates to perform direct social work with a client, e.g. a family, children, youth, older people, the ill, people with disabilities, addicts, the homeless, etc. Graduates of the Bachelor study are able to suggest forms of social assistance and social systems so that they meet the requirements to maintain and improve quality of life in clients, to create civic beneficial and support activities and implement them into practice. Graduates have information about the forms and methods of social work, social policy and its developmental trends, and theory of social work and its application to social issues.

Employment possibilities

Graduates of social work can work as social workers with the competence to work in the social area in the state administration, self-government and also the third sector. Employment possibilities of graduates of social work relate to five key spheres – Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, and Ministry of Health.


Admission requirements

The basic admission requirement for study (in accordance with Section 56 par. 1 of the Act No. 131/2002 on universities)

  • The study programme can be chosen by secondary school graduates from the Slovak Republic or abroad who have completed their secondary education with the school-leaving certificate (or an equivalent examination) and who submit a relevant legally valid document by the date stated by FSVaZ;
  • The applicants who by the stated date to meet the basic admission requirement do not meet this requirement but who meet other basic admission requirements for study stated by FSVaZ and also achieve a sufficient number of points for admission, can be accepted for study conditionally and are obliged to show meeting the basic requirement by the date stated for enrolment for study (according to Section 58 par. 1 of the Act 131/2002 on universities).


After evaluation of meeting the basic admission requirements for study, the applicants with the highest number of achieved points in accordance with the applicant selection criteria defined by FSVaZ will be admitted. More information here


Entrance examination

The entrance procedure does not include an entrance examination. Applicants will be admitted on the basis of previous study results and meeting other defined requirements.



Doors open day at FSVaZ: 13.2.2020

Application form for study submission by: 31.3.2020

Entrance procedure: 19.6.2020


Application form and fees

An applicant is required to fill in and send an application form by the deadline to the respective faculty. For study at UKF, an applicant can fill in:

  • A paper application form (Fee: 30.00€)
  • An electronic application form (Fee: 25.00€)

FSVaZ UKF in Nitra accepts paper application forms at the current forms published at the website of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.

FSVaZ UKF in Nitra prefers the use of electronic application forms.


When applying electronically, an applicant is required to:

  • Fill in an electronic application form
  • Print the electronic application form
  • Confirm the application form
  • Post the signed application form with attachments
  • An applicant can submit more than one application form for study in various study programmes. However, each application form can contain only one study programme.

Other information related to an application form is here


Department of Social Work and Social Sciences

The Department of Social Work and Social Sciences realizes education in the study field Social Work at the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels of study, both full-time and part-time. The Department of Social Work and Social Sciences has been developing cooperation with the Slovak, Czech and foreign institutions in the area of student and teacher internships as well as in the area of cooperation and participation in conducting scientific and research projects. In 2015, the Department was a regular member of the European Association of Schools of Social Work (EASSW). The Department staff intensively cooperates with the social services facilities and other entities that carry out social work. In research, the Department focuses on the area of social work with various target groups.

More information at:

Social Work

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